Conversations with my Mother during a Pandemic

Subscribe to the YOUTUBE CHANNEL here. Days Thirteen/Fourteen – “It’s like smokin’ a f*ckin’ Glade Plug-In.” Day Twelve – “Campari goes well with eggs.” Day Eleven – “I do enjoy Mark Ruffalo.” Day Ten – “This can opener got me through the Kennedy Assassination.” Day Nine – “I could make a Shepherd’s pie out of…

WAKE. Now available on Amazon Prime.

“Wake.” is now available on many platforms, including ITunes, Vudu, Google Play, Comcast, Comcast, Spectrum, Coz, Dish and Amazon Prime. Take a look at the trailer: WAKE. is an award-winning “Traumedy” – written by Carey Crim and directed by Cyrus Mirakhor. Learn more about the amazing journey of this independent film at